honeybunnies art studio connects youth by providing enriching process art programming. Our core focus is to promote the art of creating versus a perfect final product. We will link arms with others in our community to provide a safe space and creative outlet for youth that promotes well-being, belonging and inclusion.

My name is Angie. I am the founder of honeybunnies art studio. I have a dream to see youth link arms connected through process art.

At honeybunnies, everyONE is an artist. We focus on the art of creating, not on the finished product. We call this process heartART because we believe the condition of your heart matters. Kindness matters. YOUR life matters! You are here on this earth at this time for a specific purpose.

One of my most vivid memories from elementary school is feeling this urgent need deep inside my heart to create something. Now it has an official name – process art. So in true little kid fashion, I gathered what I could find at home – wide ruled notebook paper, white school glue and dirt. Yes, you read that correctly – dirt! I proceeded to make my own craft station in my back yard. I used the glue to make shapes and swirling designs and flowers and hearts on my lined notebook paper. Then I added the dirt sprinkles to cover the glue. I shook off the extra dirt and made another one. It was messy and sticky and a perfect way to spend an afternoon.

Somewhere along the way in elementary school and beyond, I let outside negative voices and mean opinions of others tell me that I was, in fact, NOT an artist and NOT even creative. I let those negative opinions outweigh the little light inside me encouraging me to continue creating. Sadly, I lived my life under this magnifying glass of perfectionism. I found myself shrinking back and not trying new things if I couldn’t do it perfectly. I wasted SO many years of my life. So I created honeybunnies to take a stand for youth by providing a creative outlet and safe space where ALL are welcome to create their hearts out.

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